Electricity Bill Payment

Electricity Bill Payment

Keeping track of the due date of your electric bill payment is not an easy task. Sitting at a meeting, when you suddenly remember that you have three more hours to pay your electricity bill can be quite a harrowing experience. Oxigen Wallet comes to your rescue in such situations. With just a few clicks you can pay your electricity bill online with Oxigen Wallet.

Oxigen Wallet makes electricity bill payment a hassle free process

Paying your electricity bill with Oxigen Wallet is an extremely easy process. All you need to do is enter some details like electricity provider name, your customer account number and the amount. Choose your mode of payment and your bill is paid in an instant. Pay your electricity bill using your Oxigen Wallet. Apart from your Wallet, you can also use your credit card and debit card to pay your bill. You can do your BSES bill payment and TPDDL bill payment using Oxigen Wallet.

Android based smart phone users can also pay their electricity bills through Oxigen Wallet mobile app. You can download Oxigen Wallet mobile app from Google Play Store and pay your electricity bill as and when you want.

Why use Oxigen Wallet to pay your bills?

  • Pay bills on the move: Oxigen Wallet gives you the ultimate freedom to be able to pay your electricity bill anytime and from anywhere. Whether you are travelling, on a holiday or at work, pay your bill as and when you want
  • Instant: Your electricity bill payment happen in an instant. Simply tap your way to submit your bills in seconds.
  • b>Reliable and faster checkout experience: Electricity bill payment with Oxigen Wallet is reliable and you need not enter your card or bank account details every time you do your bill payment. Simply load money in your Oxigen Wallet and pay using your wallet to experience a faster checkout process.