Loading, Sending & Withdrawing Money

1. How do I load money to my Oxigen Wallet?
Log in to your Oxigen Wallet and then click on Load money under ‘Money Transfer’. You can load money to your Oxigen Wallet through any of the following methods:

  • From your bank's website by selecting IMPS Funds Transfer using mobile number & MMID. Put Oxigen Wallet mobile number in place of mobile number and use 8888888 as MMID. There are 60 banks supporting this method today. Please see http://www.npci.org.in/bankmember.aspx for latest list. This method is called “IMPS P2P using MMID” in this list.
  • Through debit/credit card on Oxigen Wallet website.
  • You can also load your Wallet by visiting any of our Oxigen Retail Partners or select Modern Trade Outlets e.g. The Mobile Store, Planet M, Muthoot Finance

2. How do I send money?

Log in to your Oxigen Wallet and then click on Send Money under ‘Money Transfer’. You can send money to any phone number and also to your social media contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Whatsapp or E-mail. Beneficiary will have to register with Oxigen Wallet to access the funds.
Additionally you can also send money to any bank account either by providing any of the following:

  • Beneficiary’s bank A/c number
  • Beneficiary’s mobile number & MMID (It is a seven digit number issued by the bank for availing IMPS facility).
  • Beneficiary’s Aadhaar number (This facility will be live soon. You will be able send money to an Aadhar number incase it is mapped to a bank account)

3. How do I withdraw money?
Log in to your Oxigen Wallet and then click on Withdraw Money under ‘Money Transfer’. You can withdraw money from your Oxigen Wallet by transferring the money to your bank account.

4. Can I cancel ‘send money' transaction incase beneficiary is not registered with Oxigen Wallet?
Oxigen Wallet allows you to ‘review’ every send money transaction before you confirm payment. Unfortunately you cannot cancel a ‘send money’ transaction once you have confirmed it after review. However, when you are sending money to a phone number /social media account & if your beneficiary does not open a Wallet within 7 days of your sending the money, the same is credited back into your Oxigen Wallet.

5. What is IMPS?
IMPS is a system used for Mobile Banking in India. The acronym 'IMPS' stands for Immediate Payment Service. This system enables for 24x7 instant interbank electronic transfers through mobile phones and currently 60+ banks offer these services to their customers. Oxigen Wallet is the first non bank entity to go live with IMPS in May 2013.

6. Will I be charged a fee when I load money to my Oxigen Wallet or send money to a friend?
To get all details on Oxigen Wallet charges please refer to Limits and Charges in FAQ.

7. Can I send money to a person who is not an Oxigen Wallet holder?
Yes you can send money to a person who is not an Oxigen Wallet holder. The person you choose to send money to will receive an SMS to sign up for an Oxigen Wallet in order to accept the amount you are sending.
In case the person doesn’t sign up with Oxigen Wallet within the stipulated time of 7 days your Wallet will be credited back with that amount.

8. How do I know when money has been received by the beneficiary?
We will send you SMS & email notification (if email is registered with us) stating that the beneficiary has received the amount & your Oxigen Wallet has been debited.

9. Can I send money anytime using Oxigen Wallet?/Is there any restriction on sending money using Oxigen Wallet?
For new wallet users, when you load your Oxigen Wallet for the first time, you cannot send money to your bank account for the first 3days after loading your wallet. Thereafter you can send money as and when you want.