1. Is Oxigen Wallet safe and secure?
Oxigen Wallet is secured using highest level of encryption. There are multiple layers of security implemented to protect your Oxigen Wallet from any unauthorized access. The best of line network security are implemented to ensure that only requests from authorized users enter the network. In addition, whenever you try to send money to a person through an OTP (one Time Password) is sent to your registered mobile number as an extra level of security. Each time you transact on Oxigen Wallet, you are sent alerts on SMS and/or Email so that you are up to date on all activities occurring through your Oxigen Wallet.

2. How do I protect my Oxigen Wallet password?
Like any other password, we request you to keep your Oxigen Wallet password secret and not share it with anyone. We will never ask you for your password or ask for it when you call us. In case you feel your Oxigen Wallet password has been compromised at any time, please call customer support to have it reset or simply SMS RESET to 9971888888& you will receive a new password on your registered mobile number.

3. If I forgot my Oxigen Wallet password what should I do?
You can send RESET to 9971888888 & you will receive default password which you should change as soon as possible. Alternatively you can visit ; click on Forgot Password & follow the steps to set a new password.

4. Will I be informed when my Oxigen Wallet gets credited or debited?
Yes. A confirmation SMS and/or an email notification (if email is registered with us) will be sent whenever a transaction is processed from your Wallet.

5. What if I lose my mobile phone?
Even if you lose your mobile phone, no one will be able to access your Oxigen Wallet without knowing your personal Oxigen Wallet password. Since the password is not stored on the phone, your money is safe. However do keep us informed by calling at 0124-6688333, so that we can block your Wallet as further safeguard.

6. What if my registered E-mail ID is hacked?
Your E-mail ID is just used as a reference for sending receipts / Oxigen Wallet transaction summary. So in case your E-mail ID is hacked, there is little or no chance of your Oxigen Wallet being misused.

7. Who is liable for any misuse of my Oxigen Wallet if i lose my Password?
It is always advised to keep your password confidential and in case your account is accessed by any unauthorized person due to loss of password, Oxigen Services (India) Pvt LTD will not be liable for any misuse for your Oxigen Wallet. For more details, please refer to our T&C page.