Schedule transaction

How do I schedule my recharge?

You can schedule your recharge (mobile/DTH/Data card), Bill payment                                (mobile/landline/data card/electricity) or money transfer using Oxigen Wallet in just a few minutes to save your time and get your recharge/bill payment done before the expiry of the validity period:

  • Log in to your Oxigen Wallet through website/app
  • On the My Account page, click on Schedule transactions option
  • On the Schedule Transaction page choose Recharge/Pay Bill/Money transfer
  • Fill in your details and choose the Start date, frequency and End date of the recharge/bill pay that you schedule
  • Your scheduled transaction will be processed on due date basis the frequency you set.
  • For scheduling Money transfer and Mobile /DTH Recharges above Rs. 500, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number which you need to enter to schedule these transactions
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS and E-mail on your registered mobile number and E-mail ID with the details of the scheduled transaction

2. Can I reset my scheduled payment?

Of course you can! To rest your scheduled transaction details log in to your Oxigen Wallet

Through website:

  • Go to Schedule Transaction page and click on the edit option under the Action head in the Schedule Transaction table
  • Edit necessary changes that you want to make and click on save changes
  • Your Transaction will be scheduled as per latest changes done

 Through app:

  • Launch Oxigen Wallet app and click on the Schedule transaction option present on the Right slider
  • On the Schedule transaction screen, click on the View all scheduled transactions
  • Slide across your Scheduled transaction entry and edit
  • Your Transaction will be scheduled as per latest changes done

3. I scheduled a recharge/bill payment/money transfer, but it failed. Why?

If you have scheduled your transaction with Oxigen Wallet and it failed, it could be due to any of these reasons:

  • You do not have sufficient balance in your Oxigen Wallet
  • Your scheduled transaction might have failed 5 consecutive times due to insufficient wallet balance, therefore disabled
  • Your transaction failed due to a minor technical glitch

Please ensure that you have sufficient balance in your Oxigen Wallet to cover the transaction charges. You will receive notification from us through sms 1 day prior to the scheduled date to load your wallet in case you haven’t.

If there is a technical glitch we will try to get your transaction processed as soon as possible. If, by any chance, your transaction is not processed, or your wallet is debited but you did not receive recharge, please write to stating your problem or simply give a call to our customer care number 0124-6688333. Your issue will be resolved at the earliest.

4. I tried to schedule but it did not happen. Why?

We let you schedule your recharges, bill payments and money transfer with Oxigen Wallet. However, if you are unable to schedule, it might be due to any of the following reason:

  • At a time you can schedule only 6 recharges/ bill payment
  • At a time you can schedule only 3 recharges/bill payment per mobile number
  • You cannot schedule a recharge/ bill payment with the same mobile number, amount, frequency, start date and end date
  • The difference between your start date and end date might be more than a year
  • You tried to schedule recharge from current date, but it can only be scheduled from next day

5. What is the frequency that I can choose to schedule my recharge?

You can choose to schedule your recharge on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. For your convenience, you can also customize the frequency as per your need

6. Is there any limit to the time span for which I schedule my recharge?

Yes, there is a limit. The difference between your start date and end date of the scheduled transaction cannot be more than 1 year.

7. Is there any extra charge for scheduling my transactions?

No, there is no extra charge for scheduling your transaction. This feature was developed for the convenience of our customers, who can use this feature to save time and get their recharges and bill payments done in a hassle free way without having to remember the due date of bill payment or overshooting the validity period.