Frequently Asked Questions

Most Asked - Merchant FAQs

To start accepting payments using the Oxigen Wallet:

a) Just sign up with Oxigen Wallet & and become a minimum KYC user (Limit - Rs. 10,000 wallet). To upgrade to full KYC (Limit - Rs. 1,00,000 wallet), complete the kyc process by going to your nearest Oxigen Retailer with required documents. For full process, click here.

b) After successful registration, simply share your Mobile No. with your customers to start accepting cashless payments in your Oxigen Wallet (Limit - Rs. 10,000).

a) Let your customers know that you accept payments through Oxigen Wallet
b) A customer, who is a registered Oxigen Wallet user, can send money to your Oxigen Wallet using the ‘Send Money’ tab.

PS: If a customer is not a registered Oxigen Wallet user, he/she will have to first Sign-up with Oxigen Wallet.

As per new RBI guidelines you cannot accept payments in your non-KYC Oxigen Wallet account. You will have to upgrade to a KYC Wallet(Rs. 100K monthly limit) to receive payments. To know more, reach us at 0124-6688-333 or

Yes, you can transfer money from your Oxigen Wallet to your bank account.Our bank transfer charges are 2% inclusive of service tax.

For any help, we are just a call away. You can reach out to us at 0124-6688333 or write to us at and one of our executives will help you right away. If the issue persists, our field-agents will visit your location and help you complete the registration process.

Yes, after a merchant registers with us, we follow a quick verification process to ensure the authenticity.

Retail Outlet (RO) is a business partner who does Recharges/Bill payments/Money transfers for their customers paying in cash, using a prepaid trading advance account of Oxigen. But a Merchant could be any business who registers and uses Oxigen Wallet to accept payments from his/customers. It could be a grocery/kirana store, a pharmacy, a doctor clinic, a hawker or a service provider selling goods or services.

Most Asked - Customer FAQs

It's absolutely free! You need not spend a penny to become an Oxigen Wallet user. Also, there are no extra charges for adding money to the wallet, wallet to wallet money transfers or shopping at a merchant site.

DO NOT SHARE your Oxigen Wallet Password with anyone. Still if you feel, your Oxigen Wallet password has been compromised at any time, please write to us at or simply SMS RESET to 9971888888. You will receive a new password on your registered mobile number, which you can change to your liking.

Please Note: We never ask for your password when you call us.

Oxigen Wallet is a RBI approved mobile wallet secured using highest level of encryption. Every Oxigen Wallet transaction is password protected and guarded behind our advanced encryption, so your mind is always at peace while making online payments. Each time you transact on Oxigen Wallet, you are sent SMS and e-mail alerts so that you are up-to-date on all activities occurring through your Oxigen Wallet. Also, with our Prepaid VISA card you can shop online without fear of revealing your account details at various merchant sites.

Yes of course. We will keep you informed about any transactions/activity that takes place on your Oxigen Wallet. A confirmation SMS and/or an email notification (if email is registered with us) will be sent, whenever a transaction is processed from your wallet.

Don't worry! No one will be able to access your Oxigen Wallet without entering the Oxigen Wallet password. That's why we recommend that you DO NOT STORE YOUR OXIGEN WALLET PASSWORD ANYWHERE ON YOUR PHONE. However, for security reasons, if your phone is lost/stolen, inform us immediately by emailing us at or calling our Customer Care at 0124-66-88-333, following which we will block your wallet for further safeguard.

Here's how you can add money in your Oxigen Wallet:

  • Pay Cash at Oxigen Retail Outlet 
  • Use IMPS Service
  • Use Credit cards/Debit cards (MasterCard or VISA cards) or Netbanking
  • Redeem PAYBACK points

No. You can add as much money as you wish to and use it the way you want. After all it's yours! We just help you better manage it and pay the smarter way.

The maximum limit is Rs. 10,000. If you upgrade to a full-KYC Oxigen Wallet, the limit shall increase to Rs. 1,00,000. For details, refer to 'Limits & Charges' section.

In app, just to the left of your Oxigen Wallet account, your wallet balance is shown. On website, your wallet balance will be shown upon login.

Your money is safe with us! However, if you do not use your wallet balance for 12 months, it will be forfeited. In the event wallet is inactive or not used by the customer for a continuous period of 1 year from the date of activation or last transaction, forfeiture will be done in compliance with RBI guidelines. Oxigen will intimate the customer thru SMS/ email 45 days prior deactivating or suspension of the wallet. All PPI holders can reclaim their amount from the date of forfeiture in their bank accounts. This process of reclaim will include written request from PPI holder along with registered details and submission of ID document.

About Oxigen Wallet

Oxigen Wallet is India's first digital wallet that's integrated with National Payments Corporation of India and has the coveted RBI approval. Established in 2014 by Oxigen Services India Pvt. Ltd., Oxigen Wallet has over 15 million active users and counting. Furthermore, we have 15,000+ online and offline merchants (shops) on board; a network of 170+ Banks and 14,000 modern trade partners across the country. You can use Oxigen Wallet for:

  • Mobile/DTH Recharges
  • Bill Payments ' Mobile/Landline/Gas/Electricity/Insurance
  • Send Money
  • Send Money to Bank
  • Request Money
  • Online Shopping
  • Gift Cards
  • Prepaid Cards

Your Oxigen wallet shall be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of activation or from the time of the last wallet load whichever is later.
Minimum KYC Oxigen Wallet holders will have to complete KYC within a period of 12 months from the date of issue of Oxigen Wallet or 1st Sep 2019, whichever is later, failing which no further credit shall be allowed in wallet. However, the user can use the balance available in the wallet.

Oxigen Wallet gives you the power to make payments on-the-go' instantly, seamlessly and securely, using the App, Web or even SMS. There's more!

  • RBI Approved

    Oxigen Wallet is India's first mobile wallet that's integrated with National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), allowing instant money transfer to 100+ banks and vice versa, using the immediate Payment Service (IMPS).

  • Safe & Secure

    Every Oxigen Wallet transaction is password protected and guarded behind our advanced encryption, so your mind is always at peace while making online payments. Also, with Prepaid VISA Cards you can shop online without fear of revealing your account details at various merchant sites.

  • Cashbacks and Offers

    Oxigen Wallet keeps rewarding it users with exciting deals & offers from time to time in partnership with biggest e-commerce players in the market.

  • 24X7 Support

    We provide instant and round the clock support, if you run into any issues. Drop us a line at or call us at 0124-66-88-333.

  • Services

    Mobile/DTH Recharges, Bill Payments, Mobile/Landline/Gas/Electricity, Send Money to Bank, Send Money to Wallet, Request Money, Online Shopping, Gift Cards & Prepaid Cards.

  • Wide Acceptability

    With over 15,000 online and offline stores on board; a network of 170+ Banks, 14,000 modern trade partners and 2,00,000 retail outlets across the country, Oxigen Wallet is easily the most widely accepted mobile wallet in India.

  • Brand Heritage

    Oxigen Wallet comes from the house of Oxigen Services Pvt. Ltd, India's leading payment solutions provider for over 11 years.

  • Adding Money in Oxigen Wallet is Easy!

    Use Debit Card/Credit Card/Netbanking/IMPS or pay cash at one of our retail outlet to add money in Oxigen Wallet. As we said, adding money in Oxigen Wallet is easy.

  • PAYBACK Points to Money

    Oxigen Wallet has tied up with multi-merchant loyalty partner 'PAYBACK' to let all its users not only earn PAYBACK points while they transact but also turn these points into money in the wallet, even if the points are earned elsewhere.

It's absolutely free! You need not spend a penny to become an Oxigen Wallet user. Also, there are no extra charges for adding money to the wallet, wallet to wallet money transfer or shopping at a merchant site.

Here's how you can add money in your Oxigen Wallet:

  • Pay Cash at Oxigen Retail Outlet (link to Find a Retail Outlet page)
  • IMPS Service
  • Use Credit cards/Debit cards (MasterCard or VISA cards) or Netbanking
  • Redeem PAYBACK points

We're available 24/7 for our customers and you can drop us a line on You can also give us a call at 0124-66-88-333 between 9AM – 6PM all 7 days (excluding National Holidays). For potential business partners, we can be reached at

Absolutely! In case of a failed transaction, your money will be refunded and automatically gets credited to your Oxigen Wallet within 7 days.

Sorry! You can transfer funds only to mobile numbers registered within India.

As per the latest directive from Hon. Supreme Court, eKYC has been stopped

In order to do full KYC, pl visit your nearest Oxigen retailer with the following set of self attested documents. The retailer will validate and submit your documents. You will have to pay Rs. 50 for this service which will be given back in your wallet as soon as your KYC is updated and you send Rs. 5000 (or more) to bank, this can be done via one or more transactions with the total value of Rs. 5000.

ID proof - Following documents are accepted:

  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • PSU/ Govt./ Defense Department issued ID cards
  • Photo ID Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • PAN Card/Form 60

Address proof - Following documents are accepted:

  • Ration Card
  • Bank/ Credit Card statement
  • Electricity Bill
  • Telephone/Mobile Bill
  • Employer letter
  • Income Tax/ Wealth Tax assessment order
  • Municipal tax/ water bill
  • PAN intimation letter
  • Registered Lease Deed

Finance proof - Following documents are accepted:

  • PAN Card/Form 60

Effective from: Jan 24, 2019

We have built stringent checks at our end to ensure that there is no error/dispute while you transact through Oxigen Wallet. In fact, after each transaction you will receive a SMS and/or email alert from us and a monthly e-statement detailing your transactions for the given month.

We also recommend that you periodically keep checking your wallet summary for your transaction history. However, if you suspect an error on your statement or receipt or you need more information about a transfer listed on your statement, we request you to let us know about the probable anomaly within sixty (60) days after we sent the FIRST statement on which the problem or error appeared. In order to reach us, please call us at 0124-6688-333 or write to us at

You must include the following when disputing an issue:

  1. Your Name, User ID & the amount you think is at stake
  2. The issue and why you believe it is an error. In other words, tell us why you need more information.

If you choose to call our Customer Support and tell us the issue orally, also send us your complaint/query in writing within ten (10) business days. We will investigate and determine whether an error occurred within ten (10) business days after we hear from you, and will promptly correct any errors found. If we need more time, however, we may take up to forty-five (45) days to investigate your complaint or question. If we ask you to send us your question or complaint in writing, and we do not receive it within ten (10) business days, we may not proceed with the investigation. If we find that there was no error, we will also send you a written communication stating the same.

My Account

Signing up for an Oxigen Wallet account is easy. Opt for any one of the following 3 ways:

  • WEB

    Visit and sign up

  • Mobile App

    Download free Oxigen Wallet mobile app for android/ windows/iOS

To sign up for Oxigen Wallet, your minimum age should be 18 years (on your last birthday).

Just a few basic things, like your Full Name, Mobile number, E-mail and Date of Birth & a unique identification number of any of the ‘officially valid document’.

Please Note: Your date of birth helps us verify that you fulfill our criteria for age.

Yes. To verify your email, we send you a link. If it has not arrived, check your spam or junk mail folder. If it has not arrived, click on resend tab on sign up page to get new link.

Yes. We send you a mobile verification code on your mobile number, the one you shared with us while signing up. If you do not receive a mobile verification code within 10 minutes, click on the resend verification tab on the sign up page to get a new mobile verification code.

No. Only one email address should be associated with one Oxigen Wallet.

Yes, that is right. We ask for your email upon a web login to build in a second level of authentication for making all your transactions secure. In addition, we are able to send you transaction alerts, any new updates about your Wallet and several other new offers.

On the profile tab in the My Account page, you can update your profile information except Name and Date of Birth. For example, you can add new bank details.

Don't worry! Oxigen Wallet use your mobile number for identification and correspondence and does not share any of your bank details with anyone. All the information transmitted between you and Oxigen Wallet is guarded by our advanced encryption which ensures that any unauthorized access (hacking) is rejected at the entry level. For additional security, whenever you try to send money through; an OTP (one Time Password) is sent to your registered mobile number.

While you can directly download the Oxigen Wallet app from Google Play Store/iOS App Store/ Windows Store, you sign up to use Oxigen Wallet.

Don't fret! It's easy to set a new password.

  1. Go to or Oxigen Wallet app; click on 'Forgot Password' & set a new password.
  2. Send 'SMS Reset' to 9971888888. We will send you a default password which we recommend that you change, when you log in on Oxigen Wallet website.

After you log in, select 'Change Password' from Menu. Enter the new password and its done. Please note that you can update any of your profile information, except Name and Date of Birth.

Log in to your Oxigen Wallet and go to 'My Account' page. Here you can see your 'Wallet Balance' and all the transaction history under the History tab.

In order to view your wallet statements, you will have to first log in to your Oxigen Wallet. Under My Account, Click 'History'. Select the time period of the statement you'd like to view from the drop down and your transactions for that time period will be displayed.

In order to check the status of your transaction, log in to your Oxigen Wallet and select 'Transaction History' tab from the menu.

It is possible to unsubscribe our promotional emails. Just write to us at or click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the promotional emails. However, you will still receive transactional emails or messages from Oxigen Wallet.

Add Money

It simply means adding money to the wallet. Whenever you add money, we refer to it as "add money" and the amount you add reflects as your Oxigen Wallet balance.

Your 'Balance' is the money that is available in your Oxigen Wallet after all pending transactions, if any, are processed.

Since Oxigen Wallet is a prepaid wallet, you can make transactions quickly only when there is money in your wallet. So it is important that you add money in your wallet.

Recharges & Bill Payments

Oxigen Wallet supports operators' recharges across all circles in India. For the full list of operators, please click here.

With Oxigen Wallet, you can pay postpaid bills without having to look for a parking space to drop cheques or chase someone to make the payments. All this convenience comes to you for a minimal convenience charge. For the full list of operators, please click here.

All recharge & pay bill services on Oxigen Wallet are free.

You are just a step away! Go to the 'Recharge & Pay Bills' section on the homepage. You can also visit our 'Offers' section to make transactions on our merchant partners. You can make a payment on Oxigen Wallet via:

  • Oxigen Wallet Balance (if your Wallet has been loaded with money)
  • Debit cards (MasterCard/ VISA cards)
  • Internet banking/mobile banking

We recommend you to load money into your Oxigen Wallet for simpler Safer and faster transactions.

We display indicative recharge plans on our 'Recharge & Pay Bill' page. However, these change frequently. Therefore, for any updated information on recharge plans it will be best if you approach your operator.

Once you do a recharge on or via our mobile app; you will receive the following transactional messages from us:

  • Immediate Success/Failure response on your screen
  • Receipt in an email
  • SMS on your mobile
  • SMS from your operator

However, in case of Post Paid Bill Payment there may be some delay in few cases due to connectivity issues.

At Oxigen Wallet, all transaction requests are processed immediately. If you do not receive any confirmation SMS from your mobile operator in, then write to us at mentioning your mobile number and transaction ID.

Following could be the possible reasons for such an error:

So we request you to try again in a while. If the problem persists, please write to us at

  • Operator's server was temporarily unavailable.
  • Entered amount was not accepted by your mobile operator as a valid recharge value.
  • Sometimes it so happens that we are unable to connect to the mobile operator's server due to a temporary network problem.

You can recharge your mobile with your new operator by following these simple steps on

  1. Enter the mobile number.
  2. Select your current operator (if it's showing your previous operator).
  3. Enter recharge value.
  4. Enter your Oxigen Wallet password.
  5. Select a payment mode (Oxigen Wallet, credit card, debit card, Internet banking).
  6. Click 'Ok'

Alternatively, you can recharge your mobile through SMS. Send the following to 9971888888/9870888888: TopUp*Amount*Password*Optional Beneficiary Mobile no. Example: TopUp*200*123456*9888765421

To recharge your Data Card through SMS, send the following to 9971888888/9870888888: Data*Amount*Operator Keyword*Password Example: Data*300*VODAFONE*123456

Refer a Friend

Referral code is an 8-digit alphanumeric code that is sent to your mobile number/email ID if you are referred on Oxigen Wallet. So when you sign up, please enter this code to help us identify who has referred you on Oxigen Wallet. In case you do not have a referral code or your referral code has expired, you can sign up without this code. You can leave the referral code field blank and sign up normally.

If you want to refer a friend on Oxigen Wallet:

On web

  • Login & go to 'My Account' page of website.
  • Click on the 'Refer a friend' option.
  • Enter your friend's mobile number/email id. You can refer up to 3 mobile numbers/ 3 email IDs in one go. To refer more friends, login again.


  • On the app, select the 'Refer a friend' option from menu.
  • Enter your friend's mobile number/email id. You can refer up to 3 mobile numbers/ 3 email IDs in one go. To refer more friends, login again.

In one go, you can refer only 3 friends. However, you can do a total of 100 referrals i.e. total number of sign-ups referred by you cannot be more than 100. You can choose to do it in a day or in a month. E.g. If you have referred 100 different individuals and none of them signs up, you can still refer 100 other individuals.

It could be due to any of the following reasons:

  • The mobile number/email ID you referred is already registered with Oxigen Wallet
  • You had referred the same number again within 7 days i.e. before the first referral code sent to that number expired
  • You have referred the same number thrice. If the referred person does not sign up even after 3 referrals, you cannot refer him/her again.


PAYBACK is a unique multi-merchant loyalty or reward program that let you earn loyalty points every time you pay online or offline at any of their merchant partner sites using Oxigen Wallet. You can redeem accumulated PAYBACK points to money in Oxigen Wallet.

With PAYBACK a huge network of merchant partners has come together at local, regional and national level to reward the customers for their continued relationship.

  • Members can accumulate PAYBACK points irrespective of their payment mode ' cash, credit/debit card, or cheques across all the enrolled partners in the network under the same membership account thus ensuring points accumulation at a faster rate.
  • Then, these accumulated points can be redeemed against an extensive reward catalogue with a variety of rewards to choose from. The points can also be used as a payment option at many PAYBACK partners.

Please Note: You can earn PAYBACK points at all merchant partners of PAYBACK.

In the new Oxigen Wallet app, at the time of sign-up you will be prompted to sign-up automatically for PAYBACK by entering your email and Zip Code. However, if you skipped the step or you are an existing user, sign-up by going to PAYBACK points under the 'me' tab on the Oxigen Wallet app.

If you are an existing PAYBACK user, simply link your account with your Oxigen Wallet. Go to PAYBACK points under the 'me' tab on the Oxigen Wallet app and follow the steps to link your PAYBACK Account using your unique PAYBACK PIN.

Please Note: To be able to link the two accounts, your Oxigen Wallet user ID needs to be same as the PAYBACK registered mobile number.

Accumulated PAYBACK points earned can be redeemed as money in your Oxigen Wallet which can be further used for online payments (except send money) or at PAYBACK's various in-store/retail store partners and online partners.

Note – You cannot redeem less than 40 payback points and you can redeem only 400 Payback points in a calendar month

1 Payback point = Rs. 0.25

Absolutely. You can earn PAYBACK points while you transact with Oxigen Wallet. Please see the table below, to know how many PAYBACK points can be earned using Oxigen Wallet and on what services. PAYBACK Points earning structure:

PAYBACK Points earning structure:

Service category PAYBACK points earned
Bill payment - Mobile, Data card, Landline, Broadband & Utilities 2.00 per Rs. 100 spend
Recharge - Mobile, DTH & Data card 2.00 per Rs. 50 spend
Gift Card 10.00 per Rs.100 spend
Travel* - Hotel & Bus Booking 10.00 per Rs.100 spend

Please Note: PAYBACK points can be earned for spends in the multiple of Rs. 100 only (Except Recharges - For recharges, PAYBACK points can be earned for spends in the multiple of Rs.50)

E.g. If a customer makes a recharge payment of Rs. 125, he will receive 2 PAYBACK points. Even on Rs. 199, 2 PAYBACK points will be issued. On Rs. 200, 4 PAYBACK points will be issued.

Payback point would be issued instantly in all service category (except Travel) after successful transaction.

*For Travel, Payback points would be issued on the next day of your booking date. If booking is cancelled then user would not be eligible for the payback points.

You earn PAYBACK points only while doing Load Money (via IMPS), Recharges, Bill Payments, Travel, Online Payments and Gift Cards.

Please Note: You will not earn any PAYBACK points for Add money (via CC/DC/NB), Send Money to wallet & Send Money to Bank.

Once you convert PAYBACK Points into money in your Oxigen Wallet, you can use it for all services except send money to friend/bank.

Please note: Money converted via PAYBACK points into Oxigen Wallet cannot be used to transfer money to another Oxigen Wallet or Bank.

Yes. On 'Add Money' page, select 'PAYBACK Points' under 'source of funds,' specify the number of points you want to redeem to add as money in your wallet and click 'ok'.

Note: You cannot redeem less than 40 PAYBACK points.

To redeem your PAYBACK points, go to 'PAYBACK Points' under 'me' tab of the Oxigen Wallet app. Select the number of points you want to convert to money in the wallet and click 'redeem'. Enter your PAYBACK PIN and that's it. Enjoy that extra cash in your wallet!

Note – You cannot redeem less than 40 payback points and you can redeem only 2000 Payback points in a calendar month

1 PAYBACK point= Rs. 0.25

1 PAYBACK point= Rs. 0.25

For e.g. 100 PAYBACK points can be converted to Rs. 25 in the wallet.

No. Your PAYBACK PIN is different from your Oxigen Wallet Password. You need your PAYBACK PIN for all PAYBACK related activities like redeeming PAYBACK Points.

Forgot your PAYBACK PIN? Don't sweat! Click on 'Forgot PIN' and follow the steps to reset the PIN. For more details, write to us at

Feedback & Contact

Contact us @ Customer Care No. 0124-6688-333

We would love that! You can share your feedback at or connect with us over twitter - twitter handle @OxigenCare.

We appreciate your patience. We'll try to resolve it at the earliest, however, sometimes it may take longer. For more information, read our customer grievances & redressal policy carefully.

Favourite Transactions (only on website)

Under 'My Account', click 'Profile'. Here you can save your details like mobile, DTH, broadband, toll, e-tag, and bank account number along with your MMID. So when you have to do any transaction through Oxigen Wallet, just select the details from the menu option and proceed to pay.

On similar lines, you can add your friend's and family's details in the 'My Contacts' list under 'My Account' section.


IMPS is a system used for Mobile Banking in India. The acronym 'IMPS' stands for Immediate Payment Service. This system enables for 24x7 instant interbank electronic transfers through mobile phones and currently 170+ banks offer these services to their customers. Oxigen Wallet was the first non-bank entity to go live with IMPS in May 2013.

Promo codes are applicable on some services and select wallet types. Please read the "Terms of Use" carefully before using these promo codes.

Promo codes are notified on website/app as and when they are available. You can get cash backs/discounts etc. using these promo codes. Just enter these codes in the promo code box on our Payment Page to activate the discount and/or offer.

Don’t worry! Your promo code might not be working due to following reasons:

  • It is not applicable to your wallet type.
  • It is not applicable for the service you used.
  • There occurred a minor technical glitch.

For the former two it is best recommended that you read our “Terms of Use”, However, if your promo code is not working due to some technical glitch, please write to us at stating your problem and we’ll make sure your issue is resolved at the earliest.

An OTP or one-time password is valid for only one login session or transaction on a computer system or any digital device. OTP reduces the possibility of fraudulent money transfer transactions and for giving that additional security, they have been made mandatory by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Limits and Charges

The following limits apply to transactions conducted through your Oxigen Wallet. All limits are subjected to change according to our discretion at any time for legal, risk management, security or other purposes and is subjected to the Applicable Law.

Sr. No. Particulars Limits Minimum KYC Wallet Limits Full KYC Wallet
  Minimum KYC Wallet Rs. 10,000**/- Monthly Wallet Limit  
1 Maximum Balance limit Rs. 10,000**/- Rs. 1,00,000/-
2 Money Transfer to Bank limits    
  Single Transaction Limit Not allowed Rs. 1,00,000/-
  Daily Transaction Limit Not allowed Rs. 1,00,000/-
  Monthly limit Not allowed Rs. 1,00,000/-
3 Transaction limits    
  Single Transaction Limits    
  Recharge : Mobile /Data Card Rs. 10,000/- Rs. 10,000/-
  DTH Recharge Rs. 10,000/- Rs. 10,000/-
  Bill payment: Mobile/DTH/Data card Rs. 10,000/- Rs. 10,000/-
  Electricity Bill payment Rs. 10,000/- Rs. 10,000/-
  Daily Transaction Limit Rs. 10,000**/- Rs. 1,00,000/-
  Monthly limit Rs 10,000**/- Rs. 1,00,000/-

**Rs. 10000 is the limit as per the RBI guidelines, unless amended.

Maximum Balance limit Minimum KYC Wallet Full KYC Wallet
Max (in Rs)
Max (in Rs)
Load Money CC/DC
Load Money Net Banking
Load Money IMPS
Single Transaction Limit for money transfer to bank
Not allowed
Daily Transaction Limit for money transfer to bank
Not allowed
Monthly Transaction Limit for money transfer to bank
Not allowed
Monthly limit of load money
Recharge : Mobile /Data Card
DTH Recharge
Bill payment: Mobile/DTH/Data card/Landline
Electricity Bill payment

All charges remain subject to change according to our company's discretion at any time without prior notice.

Muthoot Finance Minimum Rs.50 or 1.5%, whichever is higher

Sr.No. Services Charges(Minimum KYC Wallet**) Charges(Full KYC Wallet*)
1. Signing up for Oxigen Wallet (Through Web/Mobile app) Free Free (Customers need to provide their KYC documents for upgrading 10K** wallet to 100K wallet)
2. Load in Oxigen Wallet:    
  Using Debit card/IMPS Free Free
  Using Credit card/Netbanking 1% 1%
  At Retailer Upto 1.5% cash management fee Upto 1.5% cash management fee
  The Mobile Store 1.00% of transaction amount 1.00% of transaction amount
  Planet M 1.00% of transaction amount 1.00% of transaction amount
*Note: These charges are subject to change. Under specific schemes, no or lower charges may be levied
*Note: These charges are subject to change. Under specific schemes, no or lower charges may be levied.
3 Money Transfer    
  Wallet to Wallet (W2W) N/A Free
  Wallet to Bank Account (W2A) N/A For customers, 2% of transaction amount*(Minimum Rs.5).

*Charges may vary as per regulatory notifications issued from time to time
  Wallet to Non-Wallet ( W2W) N/A Free
4 Mobile Recharge/DTH Recharge/Data Card Recharge    
  Using Oxigen Wallet Free Free
  Using Credit card(per credit card) 2.00% of transaction amount 2.00% of transaction amount
  Using Debit card(per debit card) 1.00% of transaction amount 1.00% of transaction amount
  Net Banking 1.50% of transaction amount 1.50% of transaction amount
5 Bill Payments    
  Using Oxigen Wallet Free Free
  Using Credit Card (per credit card) 2.00% of transaction amount 2.00% of transaction amount
  Using Debit Card (per debit card) 1.00% of transaction amount 1.00% of transaction amount
  Net Banking 1.50% of transaction amount 1.50% of transaction amount
6 Online Payment using Oxigen Wallet Free Free
7 Miscellaneous Products (Vouchers and other Value Added Services) Free Free
8 Merchant Payments Free Free

-*The maximum storage value of your Minimum KYC Wallet** and Full KYC Wallet cannot exceed Rs. 10,000** and Rs. 1,00,000 per month respectively Transactions on your Oxigen Wallet are subject to certain checks in order to minimize fraudulent activity and make your wallet more secure*

Sr.No. Transaction Payment instrument Limit
1. Wallet Top-up Credit card/Debit card Maximum cash load of Rs. 10,000** per month using any credit card/debit card and not more than Rs. 4000 per transaction
2. Money Transfer: Wallet to Bank Oxigen Wallet First time wallet users, please note: After loading cash in your wallet for the first time, you can’t transfer to bank account for first 24 hours. Thereafter you can send money as and when you want. However, you can use your wallet for other transactions like recharges, bill payments, online shopping etc.

Following are the SMS keywords along with full SMS syntax & example to do tasks like recharge or money transfer through SMS.

Scenario Syntax Example
Check Oxigen Wallet Balance Bal or Balance(space)Password Bal 123456 to 9870888888
Reset Password Reset Reset 01091987 to 9870888888 or 9971888888
Scenario Syntax Example
For Enquiry HELP HELP to 9870888888 or 9971888888
Scenario Syntax Example
Phone/ Data MTopup(Space)Amount(Space)WalletPassword(Space) MTopup 100 123456 to 9870888888 or 9971888888
  MTopup(Space)Amount(Space)WalletPassword(Space)ServiceMobileNo MTopup 100 123456 9888765421 to 9870888888 or 9971888888
  MTopup(Space)Amount(Space)WalletPassword(Space)ServiceMobileNo(Space)Operator MTopup 100 123456 9888765421 Voda to 9870888888 or 9971888888
Card DATA(Space)Amount(Space)DataCardNumber(Space)Operator(Space)WalletPassword DATA 100 9888765421 MTS 123456 to 9870888888 or 9971888888
DTH DTH(space) Operator Keyword(space)DTH SubscriberID(space) Amount(space) Password DTH TATASKY 21345678901 400 123456 to 9870888888 or 9971888888
Scenario Syntax Example
Android Download(space)Android Hi, thanks for your interest in Oxigen Wallet's mobile app. Download app

Following are the keywords for operators to be used while doing a recharge. Keywords mentioned in red color needs to be added.

Sr. No. Operator Keyword
1 Aircel AIRC
2 Airtel AIRT
11 T24 T24

DTH Operator keywords

Sr. No. Operator Keyword
1 Airtel Digital TV Airtel TV
2 Reliance Digital TV BIGTV
4 Sun Direct SUNTV
5 Videocon D2h VIDEOCON

Data Card Operator keywords

Sr. No. Operator Keyword
1 MTS Mblaze  
2 Reliance NetConnect  
3 TATA Photon  

Send Money (Friends & Bank)

Using Oxigen Wallet, you can send money to a friend over his mobile number or bank a/c. Select the desired route. Enter the details and you're done.

*Note: You can send money to friends who do not have an Oxigen Wallet.


You can send money to any of your friends whether or not they have Oxigen Wallet. However, to access the funds sent by you, your friend will have to register for Oxigen Wallet within 7 days or else the money will be credited back to your wallet.

When you send money but your friend does not open an Oxigen Wallet account within 7 days, the amount will be credited back to your Oxigen Wallet.

We will send you SMS & email notification (if email is registered with us) stating that the beneficiary has received the amount & your Oxigen Wallet has been debited.

  1. Log in to your Oxigen Wallet Mobile App
  2. Go to your profile via the 'Me' option.
  3. Select the 'Send Money to bank' option and enter the transaction amount.
  4. While saved bank account details will be pre-populated, you are also provided with the option of saving new bank account details.
  5. 'Review' and press 'OK' to send.

Just give us any one of the following details:

  • Bank a/c number
  • Mobile number & MMID (It is a 7-digit number issued by the bank for availing IMPS facility).
  • Aadhaar number (This facility will be live soon. You will be able send money to an Aadhaar number in case it is mapped to a bank account)

If you are unable to send money it could be that you are trying to send more than the limit that is allowed for money transfer. For more information, please refer to section Money Transfer Limits or drop us a line on stating your problem and we'll make sure your issue is resolved on priority.

Oxigen Wallet allows you to 'review' every send money transaction before you confirm payment. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel a 'send money' transaction once you have confirmed it after review.

Using Oxigen Wallet, you can request for money from a friend using his/her mobile number. Select the desired route. Enter the details and you're done.

*Note: You can request money from a friend who does not have an Oxigen Wallet. Also, you can send a message along with the money free of cost.

Go to 'Request Money' tab. Enter the amount of money that you wish to request. Select a friend & send an 'request money' request.

All you have to do is accept the request and the money will be instantly credited to your friend's Oxigen wallet.

Prepaid RuPay Card

FAQ's click here

Gift Cards

A Gift Card is a 'Prepaid' card loaded with money that can be used at the respective Merchant's retail outlet/online shopping portal for buying products. You can either use it for yourself or gift it to someone special.

None of the above. A Gift Card is simply a prepaid card for a particular merchant that can be used to make a purchases at the merchant's physical or online store.

Oxigen Wallet Gift Cards are a fantastic gifting option for a friend or family as with these you give your loved ones the power to purchase. Also, you can purchase Gift Cards of a denomination to suit your pocket. More importantly, you can get some great deals and offers on creation of certain Gift Cards.

Go to 'Gift Cards' under the 'Gift' tab on the Oxigen Wallet App. Select a GiftCard you want to purchase. Select the denomination of the card; refer validity, T&Cs, merchant terms of use etc. (highly recommended); select whether the GiftCard is for self or Gift; enter your payment details and you are done! Your GiftCard is ready for use. Gift a friend or shop for yourself.

You can easily send a Gift Card to a friend or family using the App whether or not he/she is an existing Oxigen Wallet User. While creating the Gift Card, you need to confirm whether the Gift Card is for 'Self-use' or 'Gift'. If you would like to Gift it, please select the latter option. Then, enter the mobile number of your friend and click 'Pay'. However, if you choose 'Self' then the Gift Card will be automatically saved in your Oxigen Wallet.

At a Retail Store: Cashier at store will redeem it by using 'E/M-Card' number (Pin Optional)

At an Online Store: You can enter the card number at the relevant section on merchant website to redeem the value from card. (Pin Optional).


  • All transactions on merchant site/outlets will be governed by individual merchant T&C and displayed at respective merchant touch points.
  • User can purchase multiple Cards denomination in transaction for same gift merchant

Yes, once purchased all Gift Cards are ready to use unless specified in the 'Terms & Conditions'. For details, please carefully read the 'Terms and Conditions' for the particular GiftCard before purchase.

Yes, all the Gift Cards, except the Pizza Hut Gift Card, can be used multiple times as long as there is balance amount and the card has not expired. For details, please carefully read the 'Terms and Conditions'.

Yes, if they belong to one merchant and 'no' if they belong to two different merchants. So while you can use multiple Gift Cards (of a particular brand) in a single transaction, Gift Card of a particular merchant cannot be clubbed with another merchant's Gift Card for the same transaction. For details, please carefully read all the 'Terms and & Conditions'.

Yes! Just pay the balance amount via credit card, debit card, wallet balance or any other mode of payment.

Each Gift Card comes with an expiry date. Upon expiry, the amount on the card will be forfeited and the customer will not be able to claim it as cash or equivalent. For more details, please carefully read 'Terms and Conditions'.

Please treat your Gift Card as equivalent to cash. If lost or stolen, it can neither be replaced nor you can claim cash or equivalent in lieu of the GiftCard.

No, a Gift Card can only be used to buy products from merchant retail outlets/online shopping portals.

Pay Later

PayLater is a Buy Now Pay Later payment option, which lets you make multiple purchases and pay for all of them, on a later date. You get a 14-day interest free period from the date of order to settle your bills with us. Currently this option is only available for VAS transaction payments (all bill payments and recharges).

On the Oxigen Wallet App when you pay for your bill payments and recharges, on the payment page you will see an option of paylater along with all other payment modes like wallet, NetBanking, Credit Card, Debit Card. You can select the lender of your choice under PayLater option to avail the service.

Currently, you can use paylater for all bill payments/ recharges on Oxigen Wallet app only.

This option is currently only available on Oxigen Wallet app on Android and iOS. Web version is not available.

When you select a lender like ePayLater under the pay later option, the lender verifies your profile and based on their own selection criteria they will approve or reject the transaction. If your transaction gets approved then your transaction goes through without you paying for it. You get a 14-day interest free period to pay back the money.

Yes. There will be a convenience fee/ surcharge @ 3% (of the transaction amount) and GST @ 18% on this surcharge, which will be added to the transaction amount. So the total payable would be transaction amount + convenience fee + GST.
However, some bill payments happen via BBPS where there is an addition BBPS surcharge.

To repay your dues, open your Oxigen wallet App. Tap on the wallet icon on top left and select ‘My Dues’. You can select the transaction(s) for which you want to repay.

You can pay via Oxigen Wallet, Netbanking, Credit Card or Debit Card. The usual surcharge (if applicable by banks) would be applicable on card payments.

To see your transaction history, open your Oxigen wallet App. Tap on the wallet icon on top left and select ‘Wallet Transactions’. You can see all your transactions here. You can also see these under ‘My Orders’ in the same menu.

To see your dues, open your Oxigen wallet App. Tap on the wallet icon on top left and select ‘My Dues’. You can see all your due payments here.

We’re sorry to hear that! Good news is you can try again for another transaction. Different transactions can have different approval criteria.

In case your bill payment/ recharge transaction didn’t go through but the amount was paid via paylater, then you can call us at our Customer Care number 0124-66-88-333 or email us at

In case you do not repay by the due date, then the lender charges an interest per day post that, till the day the payments are done in full. The interest rate depends on the lender’s terms and conditions. In addition, if you do not pay within a month after your due date, you will not be able to use Oxigen Wallet except to load money. And as soon as your wallet gets loaded with the due amount, it will be automatically deducted.

On the ‘My Dues’ section you can see all your dues together, in case you have multiple transactions. You can select for which transactions you want to pay, or you can select all to repay. However, partial payment of any transaction is not allowed.

For any such issues, get in touch with us at 0124-66-88-333 or e-mail us at